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Cipsters guide: virtual betting game

This is a practical guide to Cipsters, Infobetting's virtual betting game.

It is necessary to register, accept the official rules and fill in your details to play.

The Cipsters homepage is the main page for the game and the place where you can see how you are doing, your latest bests and, most importantly, decide how to place you bets!

How can you place a bet?
The first step is to select the sport, the type of bet and then the event you want to bet on (see the screenshot on the top right); for example, let's choose all the fixed or 1x2 odds for football (odds in "Asian" format are perhaps the least well known, but you can get more information on them in the specific guide).

Selecting the event from the drop-down menu or clicking on the type of bet next to each sport will take you to a new page displaying all available events, the odds for the various options (e.g. home, away, draw) with details of any handicaps, and the bookmakers who actually offer such odds.
It is important to remember that this is exclusively a virtual betting game, so the details about the bookmakers should be seen as bonus info provided by InfoBetting.

To bet you only need to click on the odds you like (just like happens on websites run by "real bookmakers") and fill in all the information about the bet using a virtual coupon. It is important to check this info carefully as it cannot be deleted!

Now, all you have to do is to select how many "units" (credits) you want to bet (minimum of 0.5) and, if you feel like it, you can leave a remark about the bet.
Then, if you click on the "Play" button, your bet will be inputted into the system to determine if it is acceptable. You can see immediately, on the screen, if your bet was accepted or not and if the odds changed in the meantime (since the game is linked to the real market, this can happen!)

The links on the side menu (standings, account statement, latest bets and so on) are self-explanatory. We recommend checking out the "Most played" page as this has proven to be one of the most visited pages.
It has details of the most popular bets from the past, with related info. If you click on the number in the "No. of bets" column, you can even see who placed the bets!

NB: this is a virtual betting game, but the odds are real, meaning it is almost the same test for one's skills and ability as the real thing.
Checking on how the people at the top of the standings are waging their "money" might even come in handy for placing a real bet...obviously thinking things through for yourself!

Everything is very simple! All you need to do is register and play!
Everything is absolutely free and "played with virtual money", but if you win... the prizes are real money!

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